Our major portfolios include Construction of Buildings, Roads, Flyovers, Bridges; Irrigation Projects, Railways, Water & Sewerage Projects, Oil & Gas Pipeline Projects and Electrical Projects. To offer these services, we have employed an experienced and dexterous team of professionals which fulfills all its roles and responsibilities efficiently. Personalised solutions are also provided to the clients as per the details mentioned by them.  
We have gained competency in providing excellent Building Construction Services. We are a perfect blend of team and requisite machines to offer the best services in our arena. While executing the projects, our experienced civil engineers take all the safety precautions and follow quality standards. Keeping in mind the budget constraints of the clients, we provide our construction services at industry leading prices. We also ensure that the undertaken projects are executed within mutually agreed time frame.
Buildings and Housing infrastructure is a major input to the economic development and sustained growth of an economy. A nation requires to be fuelled appropriately by civil and industrial infrastructure with products and services. The rapid growth of the Indian economy has had a significant impact on the demands of commercial property to meet the needs of business by construction of offices, warehouses, shopping malls, hotels, etc.
India’s network of well connected roads and highways has enabled rapid economic growth. In India it is estimated that the private sector will contribute 44% of the total projected spend of INR 6,000 crores on roads and highways over the Twelfth Five Year Plan Period (2012-2017). Further, the National Highway Development Programme and upgradation of 3,700 km of National Highways by way of double/four/six/eight laning will spur more activity in this space.
With in-depth knowledge of the domain, we have gained competency in executing projects for Road Construction. We are equipped with requisite road construction machines, equipment as well as skilled manpower to execute projects for both bituminous and concrete road. Our professionals take all the safety precautions while executing these jobs, so that the assignment is completed smoothly without any hindrance.
Flyovers and Bridges have changed the face of urban India and paved the way to progress. They have enhanced the network of roads that criss-cross the country.
Being an eminent service provider, we hold expertise in undertaking these projects. The projects will be executed under the supervision of competent and qualified civil engineers and architects who hold versatile knowledge of the domain. By leveraging on their wealth of experience and knowledge, our personnel are engaged in analyzing the nature of business and offering the best solutions accordingly.
Our diligent team of personnel holds regular meeting with clients and try to execute the project as per their exact requirement. Moreover, we lay strict emphasis on the quality for ascertaining that our services are in conformity with the defined industry standards.
Investment in Irrigation Projects and Watershed Management is a critical part of rural infrastructure. Adequate irrigation enhances productivity and accelerates growth.
Our organization is engaged in undertaking projects related to irrigation which are rendered efficiently by our experienced professionals. In our services, we provide designing as well as setting up of irrigation systems and also supply quality materials for the same. We are engaged in understanding the exact requirements of the clients and try to incorporate every minute detail provided by the client. Offered at industry leading prices, we are also capable of completing our projects within scheduled time period.
The range of services we offer include survey, design, engineering, manufacturing and supply of sleepers, material and equipment sourcing, supply, installation, testing and commissioning. Indian Railways is a major catalyst in the socio-economic growth of the economy. With increasing passenger population and ambitious plans for infrastructure upgradation and expansion, Indian Railways is one of our top priorities.
With stringent quality standards and very minimal turnaround time for the completion of the projects, managing the already existing heavy rail-traffic and improving them is a task which requires shrewd planning and precise execution. GSK ensures that the undertaken projects are met with all the above-mentioned factors. Projects are executed using latest technology , sophisticated construction equipment and project management tools for maintaining quality , safety and speed.
With the phenomenal and incessant growth in population, urbanisation and rapid industrialisation, the need for water has overtaken its supply. Proper and efficient pipelines should be installed in order to supply water effectively. Also, Proper Drainage Network is a must to dispose the liquid waste without any blockage. The safe handling of wastewater is essential to public health. Efficient and innovative design of wastewater systems is also a basis for sustainable development.
Our major scope of work includes Water Pipeline Laying, Construction of Water Treatment Plants, Distribution Networks, Pumping Stations, River Intake Works, Underground Drainage Networks, Lift Irrigation Schemes, Sewage Pumping Stations and Storage Tanks.
Our technical services include:
  Strategic Planning.
  Establishing and monitoring water recovery in new and existing wells.
  Estimating the condition of borings, water pipes and waterworks.
  Providing consultancy advice on operation and maintenance works.
  Recording and modelling supply pipelines.
  Planning renovation.
  Dimensioning, designing, tendering and monitoring new utilities.
  Renovating supply pipes and waterworks.
  Water treatment processes including bacteriological issues.
  Industrial water including the use of reclaimed water.
  Securing water utilities.
  Technical monitoring of waterworks.
  OIL & GAS  
As global energy consumption continues to grow, oil & gas exploration and production activities will continue to play an important role for many years to come. With the New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP) conceived to cater to the widening demand supply gap of energy in India, great interest has been exhibited by both domestic private sector players and foreign players. Still, the industry is facing major challenges, including the exploration and development of new fields in remote areas, the adjustment to the increasing shift from oil to gas production and the maintenance of production in mature fields.
In several areas, new oil discoveries are still being made and operators are investing in new production facilities in unexplored fields. To assist this process, our specialists provide a wide range of services including feasibility studies, weight and cost estimates, risk analysis, strategic and commercial advice and authority management. We are also able to provide expert advice on various transmission systems.
Electricity has opened up a gamut of possibilities. It is Energy that makes our lives simpler and easier. With its ability to lighten up and touch lives, electricity is at the core of human development. To match with the increased GDP growth rate, power supply in India will need to grow at an even higher pace. Specialist governmental schemes to improve transmission and distribution network across states provide adequate impetus.
GSK provides services for design, engineering, erection, testing and commissioning of transmission lines and sub-stations, Project Electrification, Distribution Projects in various utilities.

GSK EIPL has a group of designers and visualisers offering multiple services largely to the architecture and real-estate industry. The organization has been delivering quality services in the field of elevation design and visualization. In its course of history, GSK has helped in giving an image to several real-estate projects and its developers in India through its elevation design and project visualization services.

The core strength of GSK EIPL lies in the ability to convert ideas to images. GSK Estructural India serves as a nourishing environment for its professionals to organize and innovate to serve the world of art and architecture.